About Us

Allure Salon Suite Consulting is a group of experience professionals who have been involved with every aspect of Salon Suite businesses; from planning, building, owning, managing and promoting privately owned salon suites.

We are the only firm that has beauty industry experience and have first hand  knowledge of your target audience, what they are looking for and what attracts tenants.

Salon Suites are difficult to plan and execute, but relatively easy to operate. The difference between a successful business and a disastrous failure is in the site location and vetting, the planning, the design and the attention to details.

Our Team can help you with every aspect of the Salon Suite business owning and operating. We help with the Initial Site Selection and Analysis, Lease Requirements, Facility Design, Construction, Marketing and Daily Operations, all are critical decisions that can make or break your business.  We have learned what it takes to establish a successful facility and provide you with the most efficient and profitable methodologies to ensure your success, while saving you costly mistakes.

Our privately owned facilities are generating substantial income starting at $150,000 per year; while saving our clients 30-40% on the initial startup and buildout investment.

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